Treasure Hunt

How often do you clean out the freezer? If you’re anything like me it’s a rare event. This morning while I was making space in the freezer for the soon to arrive pig meat, I discovered a quart of frozen, roasted duck broth with meat hiding in the bottom. Bingo! It’s not the lottery, but it is a little bit of treasure.


Even though I had a long list of chores for the day, which is why I was cleaning out the freezer in the first place, there’s little better than cooking if you want to stall with a purpose. So the list got pushed aside for a while and the broth thawed for dinner.



Duck broth is tasty, but too thin to stand on its own, so it was time for the rest of the dish.  The mixed white beans went into the pressure cooker. Cooking dried beans can be a long process, but the pressure cooking time for them is about twenty minutes. The hardest part was waiting for it to depressurize so I could put the whole thing together.

ducksoupWhile the beans cooked, the rest of the ingredients were readied; the bacon went into the skillet, while  leeks, onions, garlic and Herbs de Provence went into the stock pot with the olive oil.


The final bit was adding some kale from the garden for a little spicy bite and some color. That’s my kind of morning, cooking and stalling. I have a prediction. I’m going to enjoy retirement.





One Response to “Treasure Hunt”

  1. I love how you show how simple fresh, home cooking can be! Can I come to supper?

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