A Modest Proposal- Completely Tongue in Cheek

Another Modest Proposal- This One To Prevent the Citizenry of the United States of America from being Victimized By Mass Killings Weekly, and Preventing Unnecessary Gun Deaths, and Encouraging our Elected Officials, Corporate Heads and Political Officials to do the Right Thing by Regulating Gun Ownership.                                                                              

Democracy is a worthy ideal. It’s been a grand experiment in self governing and has produced wonderful results in the 20th Century. It’s also been undermined by the unregulated money pouring into our political system and has been corrupted.

bribesWe are nearing the point where most citizens are not being represented by our government. Several thousand wealthy political donors, business tycoons and corporations pull the strings and control our government- or at least the people who run it. They pay for people to lobby for their interests in Congress. They spend huge sums of money to sway elections, and they outright buy political offices by bankrolling campaign costs for their favored politicians who in turn do their bidding while in office. They even fund organizations to write legislation favorable to them that our lawmakers pass into law.

            What’s the local nurse, house wife, firefighter or Joe Six Pack supposed to do? The average citizen can’t compete in the arena of money. Writing a letter to a representative is good, but really, in comparison to the access that monied interests have, it’s as if it wasn’t written.

           There is something the average person can do to change donor and politician behavior. A few simple actions, easily taken by the average citizen can ensure that the everyone’s interests are adequately addressed by legislators.
        I have a proposal, a modest one, that I think would encourage wealthy patrons, profit driven corporations, integrity challenged elected officials to be more representative of all Americans, and yes, even the NRA. What’s needed is tough love justice. The kind that Judge Roy Beane used to use.
NRA_Imagine NRA officers and their pandering elected, public officials found dead with a note explaining that they were shot to pay for their crimes against society, for making assault rifles available under the guise of the Second Amendment, and for contributing to the thousands of deaths in the mass killings over the past three years. At first glance this sounds abhorrent, but there might be a few executives and politicians who might, just might, alter their behavior if faced with death. If there were a movement that actually carried out a plan like this, then over time the NRA’s sway, elected reps and maybe even the corner cop, would probably think twice about what’s “best” for them and for America.

        Killing people is against the law and I would never encourage such acts. But somehow, we need something that serves as a deterrent to anti-social behavior. What modest proposal do you have?

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