Harmony Headlands- One More Reason

There are dozens of reasons we love SLO and the surrounding areas. One is that within a short bike ride or drive you can be in a whole nother place. Today Liz and I made our first trip to Harmony Headlands State Park.

From Highway 1 there was little clue to what was beyond the trailhead. First up, we crossed a creek with an old rock bridge. The rock work caught my eye and I pointed it out to Liz. Below us in the water was a treat.


Look carefully for the critters.

In a deep pool with branches and mud banks, we were able to count 16  turtles enjoying the water and the sun light. On the bank stretched out was a 3 feet long Garter Snake. Pretty dense wildlife there, but then, it’s one of the few places with water around.

The trail is really an old farm road, easy and smooth, with an incline that is almost nothing. It follows a dry creek bed for a while, but it’s too far away to look into. It then winds between low and rounded hills that seem so familiar in our coastal mountains. The colors were subtle, but rich. There were mustardseveral towering stands of mustard showing off red stalks and bright yellow flowers, different types of grasses sporting the dry season tan, and low shrubs. We could see evidence of a previous fire in the charred stumps of the brush and occasional skeletal tree. Blue Dicks joined Sticky Monkeyflower, Indian Paintbrush, Poppy, Mustard and many more flowers that are unidentifiable to me.  Several times we stopped to snap cell phone pics and wonder at the richness and depth of the colors.

Even though we were looking for the ocean as we approached it, there was a 20150419_123242touch of surprise when we finally were able to see it through a ravine in the distance. Our treat when we reached the coast were gorgeous coastal bluffs and small rocky points.

Harmony Selfie



Loved the walk. Harmony Headlands SP is one of a buncha reasons to get outside.

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