Day Two- Snacky Ride to Plaskett Creek Campground

Snacky, according to a couple of friends, means tasty, as in a person you find attractive. I guess you could also use snacky as a food term. In both ways Day Two was snacky all the way.

Big Sur is beautiful, which is one of the reasons why we selected this route for the ride. In most moments there is some sort of eye candy around- the sky, the oceDay 2an, a cliff- something. It might be a flock of pelicans gliding by, rocky points pushing out, a kelp filled cove with otters, or a stone bridge crossing a creek. It’s also challenging. Very few places are flat. The shoulder for bicycles is adequate at times, but often not, and some places there is no shoulder at all. Today started at the campground in Big Sur and climbed up to the sky. Okay, maybe it just seemed like the sky to my under-trained body. We rolled out of the campground and within 2 minutes we started gaining elevation. No warm up time at all- just start climbing, low gears and go. The climb is about a mile long and not terribly steep, but it is relentless, and the curves at the end seem to promise a top that is never quite there.

Double breakfasts are CoffeeShopnever a bad thing, so even though we’d just eaten breakfast we planned to stop at the bakery near the top. The line was loooooong and after a couple of minutes we pushed on. Actually, Liz didn’t even stop. She had a rhythm going and wanted to keep pedaling. I caught up to her at the top when she stopped for water and we pedaled on together. The remainder of the day’s ride consisted of easy terrain with lots of rolling hills. The big climb of the day was behind us. In front of us were a handful of twisting climbs and descents, several galleries and restaurants that Big Sur is known for, and of course, the rocky shoreline with jaw dropping views of the Pacific Ocean.



Lucia and the view south with Daniel and George.

This day our group was all over the place. Nothing like a big climb to spread people out. Liz and I cycled together. We had our lunch on a hillside overlooking the waves. Beautiful and peaceful. Ups and downs, twists and turns, and lots of stops for views. Somewhere in this stretch Daniel came by. His bike has big chainrings, and he’s got the legs to move them, and so once he’s moving he GOES! After a while we spied him in Lucia. Lucia has a restaurant and store which made it the perfect spot for lunch number 2. It also had a electrical outlet which allowed me to charge up my phone, not that there was cell service, but for photos. After a few minutes I got up and went outside just as John cycled up and joined us. The south facing windows presented the day’s final destination. As the mist burned away Plaskett point came into view nine miles down the road.

This far south of Big Sur we weren’t seeing as much traffic. I think that the people who were out for a casual drive didn’t travel this far. Kinda odd to think that we were on bikes and reaching this point, but the folks in cars might find this too big a stretch for a day trip.


Liz taking the lane on the way to Plaskett Creek.

The usual pattern was for a slow car or RV to go by trailing a line of cars, and then there would be a time when the road was empty for a while. We’d go up for a while and then coast down again, up some more and coast down again and the cars would come by in waves. There was a nice rhythm to the cycling with ups and downs giving the mind and the body lots of variety.


Pacific Valley selfie with Plaskett and Sand Dollar behind our helmets.

From Lucia, on a clear day, one can see the little point where Plaskett Creek Campground is. After leaving the restaurant there was a short climb and then the road flattened out and the ride into camp was on a coastal bluff that was beautiful. Again the wind was our friend, pushing us southward.




John enjoying the fragrance of bacon while ensuring that Matt and Courtney Cooks Well. (Pun intended)

Tonight was our first cooking night. For the trip we split up the dinner responsibilities into two groups. Each group of four would cook a big camp meal for everyone else. In turn each group would have a night of no cooking. Courtney, Matt, Susan and Ron were on duty for this night. Surprising what was pulled out of panniers and trailer bags. Appetizers came out, wine came out, beer and even a spirit or two appeared on the table. The big surprise was when the large cast iron skillet came out of Matt and Courtney’s gear. Cast iron on a bike tour? Holy Cow!  Plaskett is also where Vanessa & Jamie and the Care Package met us. Vanessa and Jamie are wonderful SLO folks who were camping here, and Courtney arranged for a package delivery. A notable part of that delivery was two and a half pounds of bacon- thank you very much.

Plaskett Dinner

You can tell by the smiles that dinner at Plaskett hit the sweet spot.

Another note on the cooks tonight- Matt and Courtney, and Ron and Susan. They brought it! Not just the skillet, but appetizers and fresh food. It didn’t stop there either. They also brought giant smiles, positive attitudes and beaucoup enthusiasm.  The food was welcome but the good juju was wonderful.  Dinner was scrumptious, and as may have been said a time or two this trip- that was the best dinner EVER!  Food is good, but the people make the experience. That night we had them both.


One thing was left for the day, and that was the sunset. A post dinner walk onto the bluffs brought us out of the trees and into full view of the sun setting over the Pacific. There were just enough clouds to make it interesting. It’s times like this that applause was made for. It was a beautiful scene before the curtain of darkness hit and we talked into the night around the campfire.

A snacky day indeed.

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