BCN: Double Quick!


From above Parc Gruell, the city spreads out with the Mediterranean Sea behind.

Two days in Barcelona gives us time to wander and check out some of the sites here, but not really enough time to experience what it has to offer. But hey, if two days is what’s available, well, that’s better than many other options… So with a limited time frame what to do? First off, it has to be Gaudi- Catalunya’s own architect, so off to La Segrada Familia and Parc Gruell. Incredible both! Gaudi, I think, must have either been an amazingly imaginative thinker or heavily into hallucinogenic drugs. His work is other-worldy!!!


La Segrada Familia- this pic does not do it justice. Go to google images and see a few more. Absolutely Amazing!

La Segrada Familia is a medieval looking cathedral with modern and whimsical details. It’s still under construction, but boggles the mind. Several blocks of walking later is an office/residential building that seems like a cliff face with smooth cave openings. Picture waves rolling over the face of the building and deep recessed windows.


Arches holding up a pathway in Gruell Parc. Man made meets nature…

Hopping back onto the metro, Gruel Parc comes next. After the two other works, I wasn’t sure what to expect, it’s a park, right. What can he do? Well, the park is a bit of magic! It’s not just magic, but a UNESCO World Heritage site as well. Turn a corner and see a grotto lined with arches that’s a fusion of the natural and man made worlds, check out an over-look and see the whole city spread out before you, walk around a gingerbread-like house, rocks and stone with a mosaic of ceramic roof- like icing.  Gaudi was a pioneer in the use of reclaimed material. Everywhere your eye travels there is something to discover. I’d say some further research into this architect is in order. Fully Awesome!


I could go for a treatment like this each week!!!

The only other thing we had planned to do was find a place to trim my beard. After six weeks I’ve been feeling a little scruffy. I mean I scrub and wash, but still look rough around the edges- not quite like a homeless person in the creek, but somewhat crusty. With a recommendation, we headed off to the Gracia area of the city for a trim and a meal. This 25 minutes helped me to understand the draw of women’s salons. It’s not often that men have a place to be pampered. Not only a trim, but a shave, hot towels, face massage and almost napping… All for only 12 euros… I feel much less like a caveman now.

SeafoodLaBoqueriaLa Boqueria- a bitchin’ market. If I was anything in a previous life it was likely a spice, olive and fruit seller in a market. I love these places wherever they are- Mexico, France, Marysville, or here in Barcelona. I made it a priority to be there at lunch time. One of my better choices. Seeing the terrific seafood for sale I opted for Pulpo De Galicia (Octopus Galician style) Oh man! I have a couple of new dishes to try when I return home.

PlayaBarcelonetaAfter lunch, I figured it would be some time before I come back so close to the Mediterranean Sea, so maybe I should head there. Another good choice. Hot, long walk, but beautiful scene. Not a lot of space, but certainly a lot of people. Dipped my toes and enjoyed it until the warmth forced me to find a cold beer and metro back to the hotel.

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