Cycle Camp Cuisine

Mmmmm! Food. Every day, Liz and I are eating mass quantites as we fuel ourselves. I don’t think we’re losing weight even though we’re cycling several hours a day, cause we’re really eating very well.

We’ve got a full kitchen with us, though it’s the shorthand version. One burner stove, two pots and a folding fry pan, flexible cutting board, a complete place setting in beautiful blue green lexan, and a few miscellaneous things. All in all, it allows us to eat a variety of healthy foods in a way we like.

Camp CookingLast night, it was vegan ratatoullie from a jar with some extra ingredients thrown in to make it more interesting. Sometimes after cycling all day, slaving over a hot camp stove cooking from scratch is the last thing we want to do, so a jar of ratatoullie is a good starting point for the meal. Saute up some onions, add several garlic cloves, mushrooms, squash and a bell pepper bring it to life. Enjoy over a heaping serving of couscous, and of course, paired with a local Cab Franc, and viola, dinner a la camp stove!

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