Pedal The Worries Away- Almost!

Bile lane loire

Going down the road without a care in the world!

Cycling along a nice paved bike lane is a relaxing way to let go of worries and concerns. What’s the itinerary today? Do we have enough food? and, Where are we going to sleep? are the only concerns we have, and those are often answered by the route and attractions along the way. Well, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. There are different kinds of bicycle touring.


One of the group’s two vans from BackRoads Bicycle Tours just checking in. Appreciate the concern.

Self supported touring is self reliant touring. Little things happen that need to be dealt with. Cycling through ag fields I got a flat. Self supported, no one is going to come up and fix it for me. Not so for supported touring. While fixing the flat a van stopped to check if I needed help. He was supporting a family riding from castle to castle, a “high end tour,” he said, fully supported with three guides, two vehicles and staying in hotels every night. Maybe some day…

So pedaling along, carefree cause I know where we’re going, what’s in store, and I have a bag full of food, I’m thinking “Ah! I love this! And then I hear a “PING!” from the front wheel. Listen some more- nothing.  Stop and check for a broken spoke- all good. Cycle on and “Ping!” again. What the heck is that? Stop and check a couple of times- nothing wrong, cycle on. “Ping” again! And “ping” even more. A closer look and still nothing. So much for carefree cycling. Cycle some more and watch while pedaling. Oooooh! The front rack is wiggling a lot. Bolts are FrontRackCutting Boardtight. Pull the bags off and look. Dang! The front pannier rack was broken. Hmmm…  Okay, so the “ping” happened when the rack flexes and hits the spokes. Not a good thing if you want a wheel that rolls. How to stiffen it up? Let’s see, what do I have- zip ties and little bits and pieces. Nothing that’ll work. kitchen stuff, tent stuff… Oh, how about the cutting board?  And clothes line?  Bore a couple of holes in the cutting board, tie it as a splint, and presto, roadside repair complete. No More wiggle and no more ping. Self supported has its challenges, but this really is the life.

I LOVE it!

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