Weather & Wine


Bike mojo Barbie here flashing the camera while Liz pushes through the rain.

Well, we finally had our first rainy day.  It’s been incredibly sunny and we’ve been very lucky so far with the weather.  At the end of the day, clouds rolled in, and off in the distance we saw lightning and heard thunder. With another 10km to go we stopped in a little riverside town and discussed the next move. Camp in the rain or get a room?  Not  too tough of a decision- we got a room right then and there. Dinner on the hotel patio overlooking the river, wine from the region and a cooling breeze and a petit dejeuner to start us off in the morning- super plan. Nothing like sleeping on the ground in a tent to make you appreciate a bed. We rode bikes in the rain the next day, but the worst of it took place as we explored Chateau Langlais in the morning. The rain was a cool respite from the heat we’ve been having. The days are generally 90ish or hotter. A shop keeper told us today that the hot air is coming up from Africa. Doesn’t really matter where it’s from as long as we have a chance to cool off at day’s end. So, after a day of cycling in the heat of summer, a dip in the river or campground swimming pool is more than welcome. It’s almost a prerequisite for cooling off, that and an icy cold draft beer, and every little bar has two or three different beers on tap that fit the bill perfectly.

poppy vines

Lovely field poppies are everywhere- here with vines in the Anjou region in the hills above the Loire.

We’re solidly in the wine country here. Most of the wines are estate grown and proudly trumpeted as from “the local area.” The hills above the river are covered with vignobles, or vineyards. We’re sticking to budget wines, under $12 or so, and thus far we’ve not had a bad wine, and a couple very nice ones. It’s been fun to try to select a wine to have with dinner. One castle offered a complimentary tasting after a tour, but we have some dedicated afternoons for tasting planned.

We’ve been traveling toward the east, but the road we’re following makes a big southward curve. I’m wondering what we’ll see around the turn…

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