Goodbye to the Nante to Brest Canal

Liz Canal ViewThe “Nantes to Brest Canal” has been extraordinary cycling for us. It’s mostly flat, car free and it has good services along the way. Most of the country side is very rural, and that means quiet and pleasant. The canals were originally constructed to move goods from place to place. This canal has one end point near Brest and the other near Nantes. It goes through a hilly area, but, the engineers have done a wonderful job of taking the lowest route and digging big ditches to connect rivers in differnt watersheds. Impressive!

VillageCanalThough it’s mostly rural, every once in a while the canal passes through a village, a town or city. Most are sleepy little places with a few essential services. Others are bustling centers for the neighboring countryside. Still others have some reason that pulls us in. Could be a campground at a opportune spot, a store for resupply, or something of historical interest.  Sometimes we stop just for a Pain au Chocolat or espresso, new bike tubes for the flat tires, and others times we continue to roll on by.

KM markerThe world seems to pass slowly as we moving under our own power. Cycling the canal has been one part conversation, two parts thinking and a lot of observing. It’s contemplative and peaceful.

As wonderful as it is, we’re saying goodbye to the canal and hello to the Loire River.

Goodbye canal. We’ve loved you!

Hello Loire. Can’t wait to meet you.

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