Porspoder, France

Imagine yourself in France. Not Paris- picture a village on a bluff above a rocky Atlantic Ocean shoreline. Add an old stone church, lighthouses on tiny islands, inlets, coves and harbors with boats, draught hPorspoder2orses in pastures, fields of grain and potatoes, all punctuated with several-hundred year old homes built of stacked and mortared stone. That’s Porspoder, France, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! It’s truly postcard perfect beautiful! Porspoder is just about as west as one can get in France and would be a great place to visit for the beauty alone, but we’re here to visit with family.

My Uncle Andre has lived here for years, raised his family here and they are here too.
The western end of the line for the TGV is Brest, France, still a good 30km away from Porspoder. Anne, Stephane & Lilly met us at the station at 10:30pm to tote us the last little bit. They came prepared with two cars to haul our bikes, gear and people- just a hint of the generosity to come.


We spent a lot of time at Cousin Annes’ house. With three children living at home, cousins and a father about, the house is a busy place. So often the language barrier was a wall for me, but Liz, rocked the French. She helped me understand so much more.

Over the next few days we ate and talked and ate and looked at photos and ate some more. I “may” have gained a few pounds there.
At the train station I was very excited to see them, and the day we left had tears. Even though we live so far away, it’s family and wonderful family it is! This is my fourth visit to Porspoder. Each time I come I am reminded about how wonderful these people are. Strong and Generous and Loving!  A la prochaine!

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