Tag Teaming with Ron & Susan

Tag Teams, Book Ends, or whatever you want to call it, linking our trip to Spain with Ron and Susan has been so much fun!

Converging on Barcelona, Ron and Susan, and Liz and I, were coming from completely opposite directions.They were leaving Italy and heading west to Spain. We were leaving California and heading east.  Our  holiday was just beginning, and Ron & Susan’s final week of travel was Spain.

One night in Barcelona together, followed by a fast train to Sevilla, a sweet apartment in the heart of the city, (Thank you HomeAway.com) and we had a comfortable and convenient base to explore the city and the surrounding area.


Look up flexible in the dictionary and you’ll likely see a picture of Ron and Susan. They have been wonderful travel mates this past several days. They’re low maintenance, highly energetic and open for anything.

Try an odd tapa- they’re on board. Check out that sketchy alley way.  They’re right there with you.

Spending this time with Ron and Susan has been a great way to start our holiday. It’s made this part all the richer experience.

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