Sevici = Sevilla City Bike program

I love bicycles and compared to most people have too many. We have a garage jammed full and little room to move around. In fact the next big project at home is to construct a workshop, tool shed, bike storage structure.

Bike people tell about the mathematical formula for calculating the number of bicycles a person ought to have. B is the number of bikes you have. N is the number you should have.                                                                                    b+1=n.                                                                                                                                                                                                It’s simple really. We all need one more bike…

Susan SeviciSevici is the city bike program in Sevilla that gives everyone an near endless number of bikes, and no hassle with storage problems. Sign up at one of the kiosks, pick out a bike, use it, and then drop it off. Simple.


The bikes are guaranteed by your credit card so each “borrower” is responsible for the bike. Ride it until you’re finished and put it into one of the hundreds of racks located around the city, and walk away.

The bikes are strictly utilitarian- lights, fenders, basket, attached lock, big tires and although not indestructible, pretty bullet proof. They’re big and clunky, but solid and sturdy. Go fast bikes they aren’t, but for simple transportation in a city they rock.

Liz Sevici

After an initial payment of 13 euros, you get a free 30 minutes each time you check out a bike. More than 30 minutes and it’s a half euro. We’ve found that you can drop off a bike and immediately check out another endlessly for no fee, as long as each bike use is less than 30 minutes.

In Sevilla for a week we’re finding this is cheaper than taxis and buses, much more fun, and it allows us to see the sights and sites from a much more intimate perspective.

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