What did Mark Twain Know?

Was it Mark Twain who said “Travel is so broadening?”Already, I’m appreciating the ease of travel in a country where mass transit is the norm and not a quirky choice. Airline travel is easy in the US, but catching a bus to Paso or Santa Maria is anything but convenient and easy. And don’t even think about taking a train to Yosemite or Las Vegas!

Train Station

Train Station

Last night Victor, our AirB&B host, drove us to the next village to show us a good place for tapas. A little open aired plaza on a corner sheltered from the sun by awnings, served not really tapas, but more like shared appetizers. We had some exquisite seafood- the calamari was wonderful, the pulpo rich, but the “morros,’ fried pig snout, were also notable- think chicharones with meat.  And Spanish Olives stuffed with anchovies. Que rico! What a start to this holiday!





After too many rich tapas, too much good Spanish wine and lots of chatting and catching up with Ron and Susan, we walked a few blocks to the local train station, bought tickets, and rode the train to our stop, finishing up the evening by walking the three blocks home. I’m writing this as the train we’re riding from Barcelona to Sevilla is traveling at 180 miles per hour.

Experiencing quality mass transit makes me long for it at home. I wish my own country would develop systems like these.

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