Rhythm and Flow

Barcelona Tapas“Early to bed. Early to rise. Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Excuse me Ben, but there are plenty of people walking around here who are healthy, wealthy and wise, and they don’t come close to following that advice.

Just now we’re shaking the cobwebs out of our heads from a tasty midday nap. Ice cold watermelon helps, but It seems like the city slows to a crawl each afternoon in the heat of the day. Not sure what they do then,  but as we are still slightly groggy from the time change, a deep  sleep is perfect! Nap Time!

I’m normally a “get up early” person. My natural rhythm is to rise about the same time the sun does. I also tend to go to sleep early- 10:00 is late, and 9:15 or so is normal. Here in Sevilla, that routine has been tossed out the window.

Barcelona Tapas 3Last night after strolling around having wine and tapas and sangria and tapas and beer and tapas, we returned to our apartment for the evening. That meant time to talk, wine and Marcona Almonds, and more talking, some wine and papas fritas, and of course more wine and talk, and then more wine, and then…   After a bit someone asked about the time. Hmmm…   1:15am!

The rhythm and flow here is way different than what we have at home. There is a lot to be said for heat beating midday naps, evening strolls and late nights with friends. Starting to get into the rhythm and flow!

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