Politics matters!  Not politics as in mayors and senators and presidents. I’m thinking about politics as in understanding and navigating the social politics of human interaction.

Two new initiatives in the district have been moving forward this year. TAP and New Tech High School. TAP has brought 7.2 million dollars into our district, allowed the hiring of many new teachers and brought in a dynamic new program to support teachers. New Tech High is a school within a school with a technological focus. Both have a great deal to offer.

Politics though, is making a mess of it. New Tech High has raised fears in some that funding will be funneled from other worthy programs if money is short. TAP is being implemented at 6 Title One schools, campuses that have a high percentage of disadvantaged students attending. There is a divide between TAP and non Tap schools.

This kind of politics can muddy the water. It’s a distraction from our purpose as educators and I’ll be glad when the issues are resolved.

What I’m thinking and feeling now is this. As I spend more time with the Master Teachers, I’m more and more impressed. I’ve seen the hard work, the cluster meetings, listened to the thoughts and sharing, and spent  more time in meetings with them than I care to think about. The integrity, work ethic and good will displayed makes working with you an experience that will be one of the highlights of my career. And that says nothing about the transformative nature of the work we’re doing.

Focusing on the task at hand makes the impact of politics on me fade…

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