What Raise?

This year finds me in a new position in my school district. Several people have commented about the fat extra pay that comes with the job. Like many people who are in the field of education, I’m not particularly drawn or motivated by money. Sure, I like money and many of the things that it makes possible, but money as a driving force in my life is pretty weak. I find it interesting that other people think that the money is what matters to me and then will even comment on it When I hear that I want to say, “Hey!  It’s a lot of extra work.” Mostly, though, I smile and continue what I’m working on.

On the bus ride home today I thought I’d quantify how much extra I am making. Here’s how I did it.

$10,000 extra pay this year.

20 extra days of work, at 8 hours per day is 160 hours.

With my new job comes much longer days and some weekend work. I’m averaging 10 hour work days and usually a minimum of 5 or six hours each weekend. That’s 15 more hours each week, and that’s a conservative estimate. I didn’t count the 4:30am wake up, working at the computer by 5:15 and two hours before I even leave the house…   So that’s 15 hours each week times 35 weeks in the school year which comes out to 525 hours

525 plus 160 = 685 hours.   $10,000 divided by 685 hours equals $14.60 per hour.

Hmmmm. That doesn’t seem all that lucrative.

Of course, money never was the object.


One Response to “What Raise?”

  1. Kurt Payne Says:

    Wow George….I am depressed….I knew it was bad…but not that bad….Thanks for the enlightenment!

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