Waves! Close your eyes and picture gentle summer waves rolling in. The water is not quite warm, but not uncomfortable either. The sun is warm, there’s a light breeze and there is even time in between each wave to ready yourself before the next one arrives.

That’s just how the TAP implementation felt at the beginning. Our first wave was the build up in effort and anxiety to introduce the TAP System to our staffs on their first day back to work. Two weeks after that was the first cluster meeting, which is the weekly training for teachers that I lead. That wave was bigger, the water colder and I definitely was on edge for what would happen next.

The ocean has changed, the waves have grown and the period in between has become shorter. For a while I was dunked and tossed about by one wave and barely had time to catch my breath before the next hit me. The tossing about was caused by my newness in the job and relative lack of experience, changes in our process, and growth in my own understanding of my role.

Each week started out with a calm and gentle sea, but as the week progressed, the tide seemed to rise and the swell got larger. Thursday’s cluster meeting was the peak. After that I had a chance to breathe, and I even got a do over- a day to fine tune the presentation and repeat it the next morning to another set of teachers.

Friday at 10:00 I  breathe a great sigh of relief. The waves will subside in intensity for a few days. If I look out toward the horizon I can almost certainly see the next set of waves. These day, I’m feeling more comfortable with the process, I’m a strong swimmer, but still have much to learn.


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