Remembering the Beginning!

It came to me the other day how hard teaching was when I first started. Lesson planning took hours and hours because I had little experience and was drawing up plans from thin air. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, so the job was ever expanding as I learned more.

I find myself in a similar position with my new position as Master Teacher. So much of what I do is new to me and often I find that I have no experience to fall back on. The job has grown as I’ve learned more about it. After many all day trainings I have a pretty accurate understanding of what is required of me, but just as it was when first learning to teach, I’m compensating for my lack of expertise and experience by using brute labor. Long days, weekend work and lots of anxiety. I’m predicting that after the first few months are under my belt, it’ll be easier and my proficiency level will be higher. If it doesn’t, this will be a very long school year.

It’s Monday morning.  Time to take a deep breath and go … .. .

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