Testing, One, Two, Three…

Hooo boy! Today was a long day. Finished up with a parent information night at school. There hasn’t been a great deal of info out there and some parents have questions about TAP. We shared what they could expect to see from the perspective of a parent and tried to answer questions.

Before that though, was the part that took a lot of mental energy. We finished the second of three days of training. This time though, we have our certification exam at the end of the day. Four hours of learning, lunch, a video to script and three and one half hours of scoring, evaluating, and planning a post conference interview.  I’ve been pretty good at tests, but this is hard to read. I “think” I did well, but don’t really know. In two weeks I’ll learn if if have to go through the remediation and retake or get a pass until next year. My fingers are crossed!

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