Milestone Number Two

6:30 am and time to get out the door and off to work. It’s the normal time to leave if I ride the bus, but because I’m driving I’ll arrive at school a lot earlier this morning.

Friday was the big day, and I felt somewhat unsettled, so the extra preparation time in the morning would be helpful. For the Master Teachers at Grover Heights, it marks our first cluster meeting.

Milestones come in all sizes. This is a bigger one. For months now I’ve been learning more about TAP, training for my new role and preparing for  when I lead the first training session in the new program at my school. It is a milestone!

So this morning the teachers come in, the principal joins us, my partner master teacher pulls up a chair, and a visiting master teacher from another school checks in too. The table is full!

The PowerPoint has only 8 slides- more than enough to get my points across. Nervous? Of course! But these are colleagues and I really am there to serve them.

Meta-cognition, objectives, step in and out, indicators and descriptors and more. As I got into the teaching part, the nerves disappeared. I just wanted to do a good job. Funny how that happens in many different areas- focus on the job and the other stuff disappears.

I still have a long way to go to be good in this new role, but I’ve just passed another milestone on the way.

It feels good to have it under my belt!


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