Cluster What?

Today was devoted to cluster meeting! In TAP “cluster meeting” is the term used to describe the professional development provided by master and mentor teachers to career teachers in the classroom. Each teacher meets weekly with peers in a professional learning community called a “cluster group.” Master and mentor teachers in the school lead these cluster sessions, which focus on instructional strategies to meet student needs.

So today our leadership team meeting agenda was largely given over to see a practice round of the lessons we’ll be delivering in our first cluster. Nervous? For sure. But, as has been said more than once in this process: “We have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

So after all the planning and preparation of the past several days I sneaked into an empty room to practice a time or two aloud. It helps me to hear myself speak at normal volume and it shows me where problems are. After a bit of time on my own, my fellow master teacher, Deb,  and I practiced with each other as the teacher audience. Finally, after a good deal of  modifying we each presented to our Leadership Team at our meeting.

And yes. It was awkward, but only for a little bit. The responses and feedback was gentle and to the point. I received good information that’ll make the actual lesson go that much better. I still have a little more time to tinker, but it doesn’t need much. On Friday it will be good to go.  Now the name. Who came up wit that term?

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