8 Pounds…

Over the past two decades my weight has slowly increased from about 180 pounds to about 210. Last year my doctor of twenty years suggested that I should look at maybe losing a few pounds, because, he said, with more weight there’s a greater risk of….
… and, I’ve see that your pounds have added up over time, and…

This year he left his practice and I changed doctors. My new doc shared a similar message during my annual check up. He was more direct. I want you to lose twenty pounds by your next physical.

Well, I’ve made a breakthrough in dieting that’s going to make me a millionaire if I can get it published. It’s called the TAP Diet.

The TAP Diet’s components are basic and at one time or another most everyone has had experience with them.

Start a New Project: New projects always induce a little anxiety. The learning curve is steep and not knowing exactly where you’re going and what needs to be done to get there creates a gentile appetite killing effect.

Have Much at Stake: Making sure students learn is the core mission. What’s more important than that? Bonus weight loss if you have many eyes focused on your success. TAP in Lucia Mar’s got that one covered. Being the first school district in the State of California to implement TAP ensures that many eyes will be watching and evaluating our performance and whether or not our implementation of the program is successful.

Set The Bar High: The Master Teacher Team in Lucia Mar ROCKS! They’re smart and creative, able and hard working. You know you can’t bring less than the best. Surround yourself with high performing teammates with high standards and  you’ve got another piece of the weight loss puzzle.

Slowly Increase the Pressure:- The roll out in Lucia Mar has been building for a year. This week it goes live. The tension has slowly and almost imperceptibly increased over the past few weeks. A little increased pressure equals a little extra weight loss.

Be a Responsible Person. Want to make sure you don’t let others down? Care about the quality of work you do? Genuinely believe in the benefits that TAP offers. Mix together  with the rest and create an effective appetite suppressing environment.

The TAP Diet!  Sure fire weight loss. No muss, no fuss and no monthly fees. No weigh-ins and no stripped down menus. Brought to you by Lucia Mar, the federal TIF Program, N.I.E.T., and The Stewart Foundation. Soon to be a national best seller.  Win at weight loss with The TAP Diet!

One Response to “8 Pounds…”

  1. Sean Reynolds Says:

    Your thoughts are intriguing. It’s as if I’ve known you for years…

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