Just a little bit different!

The opening of school this year is out of the ordinary for me. Usually with two days to go before the students arrive I’m knee deep in preparations in the classroom. The room needs to be set up, bulletin boards created, materials arranged, books passed out, lessons planned and a thousand other details need attending to. Then the class lists come out, which means records can be reviewed, seating arranged and a whole ‘nother set of details need attention.

With TAP, my role has changed. No setting up desks. No class list nor seating arrangements. I’m working with teachers. My focus is still on students, but the path is a crooked one, removed one step from them and toward and through teachers.

It’s a not so subtle shift and it feels odd. There are many wonderful things about teaching, the day to day interaction with students, the shepherding of them as they grow from August to June, the relationships and connections, those are things that will be missed. But as I think about it, if not students, then teachers of students is the next best thing.

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