A tour of Texas, well, a small part of it…

Texas has a large number of schools which have implemented TAP.

Our school was given the opportunity to send several representatives there to learn more about the new program.

First you have to get there….

San Luis Obispo’s airport is pretty small and that makes it an easy one to fly out of. We all met there and started the travel day which ended up being quite trying. I did catch a lot of flack for checking my bag, but later got some thanks from the group for doing so.

Dallas Fort Worth Airport- The first bump in the road was the rental car. Eight people, eight suitcase and a small car don’t match up well. After Peter straightened out the rental car mess we piled in and were on our way.

Bump number two: the hotel. Remember the eight teachers with eight suitcases? They needed more than the single room the hotel had us down for. Stress? Not for me. It was very nice NOT being in charge and being able to relax and let others take care of others, in this case Peter, which he did, and with good humor too.

We arrived at the second hotel several hours after starting the trip back in SLO, where we checked in without a hitch. Unpacked and get ready for dinner. Nice dinner, but it took a while to find a place not being familiar with Dallas. The smart phone helped.

Bump number three is a silly one one, but fun to recount. Back to the hotel we go and we planned to have a glass of the complimentary wine in the lobby. We met up and head over to find a giant bottle of White Zinfandel. Being from a wine grape growing area in California makes white zin less than appealing. Wine snobbery? Perhaps, but it’s all relative.

Here’s where checking my bag came in. The TSA doesn’t allow liquid in checked baggage and I packed two nice bottles of wine for our group. Breaking those out got my checked baggage pardoned and thanks and appreciation from the group.

Bump number four- at 11:30pm or so the fire alarms started to ring and the hotel’s occupant all exited the rooms. Um…., except me. I was in a deep sleep and thought the alarm  clock was going off and well, I took the smoke alarm apart.,  called the desk and got the scoop that the cook had burned some muffins that set off the alarm. It was only a little disconcerting to know that none of my colleagues made sure that I was safe.

Next up Rolling Hill Elementary School.

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