Meditations on Open Space

Over the past month I’ve spent a good deal of time mushroom hunting in the oak forests that climb our local hills. It’s given me a renewed appreciation for the wonderful open spaces we have here in and around San Luis Obispo. Within a two minute drive or a ten minute walk it’s possible to be on a trail heading up above the city or in a creek carved canyon walking a trail.




Bishop’s Peak, Cerro San Luis and Reservoir Canyon are just three close in and highly accessible places to experience a taste of nature. The trails are well maintained and many wrap around our peaks offering expansive views of the city and surrounding countryside.


Reservoir Canyon is a bit different than most of the open space trails. It’s a mile or so out of town and is in a deep canyon away from everything. Therein lies its beauty. Quiet and peaceful, with just the noise of the creek  as company, your hike is removed from traffic noises or other signs of humanity.



San Luis Obispo has done a wonderful job or creating a network of open spaces and trails for people to connect with nature and a quieter self.

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