Another Year, Another Entry

I haven’t put much energy into this blog. I’ve developed a web site and this space hasn’t seen much action. The web site address is It’s a working web site that is set up for parents and students of my class. There is lots of good information there and over time I’ve found that parents are starting to rely on it for information.

My school has a high percentage of students receiving free of reduced lunch- more than 50%. Though they may not have a lot of money most have access to a computer and the internet. Not all do so I also use traditional methods to reach them- phone calls, notes home and even, occasionally, to the mortification of students, a drop in visit at their home.

One of the most effective ways to manage students is to have close contact with parents. When a child who presents challenges in the classroom realizes that the teacher and the parents are communicating frequently, the incidences of poor behavior decrease. Not all parents are  concerned about their child’s issues in school, and some couldn’t be bothered. For those I work a different angle, but usually it does work.

Teachers use a wide range of tools. The web site, notes and phone calls, sleight of hand, cajoling, motivating, bribing, and even, if you can believe it teaching well.

Hope to be here more often, maybe weekly would be a good goal to shoot for. We’ll see.




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