Consumption American Style

I’ve been wanting a new cell phone. Mine is on its last legs. Sometimes it doesn’t ring, the screen is getting opaque and it’s volume is low. Liz and I looked at getting new ones for the family. We spent three hours looking at different companies, plans, phones and electronics stores. We finally decided to not do anything. So, my phone is still my phone.

There has been this nagging desire pulling me back to the phone stores. A shiny new phone. A shiny new phone.  On some level I realize that the desire to BUY is not going to satisfy me. The phone I have is adequate. But still, I keep thinking about it.

Perhaps I can find a used one. So I started looking on CraigsList and eBay for the model I’m interested in. Apparently everyone else is also looking for the same good deal. Do phones wear out that fast, or do people drop them in the toilet and need to replace them? It turned out that teven used they are  expensive.

Pulling the trigger.

After a few weeks I deceided to look again and, the decision was made. New phones for me and Liz. Re-up our two year contract and they give us nice new ones. Okay. We’ll go with that. The plan pays for unlimited texting for all three phones and it saves us money due to the number of Andrew’s texts.We decided to get phones with nice qwerty keyboards. Welcome to the modern world. We’re texting and best of all, my new phone rings whenever I get a call…

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