Guess I’m Still A Kid

Growing up, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays, the other being Christmas. Both were times for getting stuff! I guess I was pretty greedy as a kid. Maybe I still have a little of that in me…  I remember spending what now seems like hours looking through the Montgomery Ward catalog, in the toy section of course, dreaming of having all those wonderful things under the tree on Christmas morning. (Boy that sure seems like it’s from another era.)

Christmas has completely lost its luster for me. If not for the holiday from work, it wouldn’t register much much more than some of the meaningless Hallmark holidays that we celebrate. Halloween though, is another story. The draw used to be dressing up and racing from house to house to fill bags with as much candy as possible before the curfew hit and we had to be home.

geo vampire

Liz and George On The Crawl

Halloween is still a fun time, though not for the pillow case full of candy. Now it’s an excuse to costume and hang with friends. A couple of weeks ago, the annual Vampire Pub Crawl, a pre-halloween tradition here in San Luis Obispo happened. Naturally, we donned black, fangs and assorted finery as we wandered the streets of SLO for a couple of hours. One highlight, dancing at the Library to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.

Tonight my school is having a Family Fun Night with BBQ, Bingo and Costumes. I’ll be there helping out, with teeth in and top hat on. Saturday, Halloween, will be the day. We’re going to two parties. One is a 50th Birthday Halloween party for a friend and the destination for many of our Mardi Gras friends. Should be lots of dancing, some fine wine and good food. And costumes, scary, silly, sexy and everything else that you can imagine.

You don’t have to dig very deep to get to the kid in me.

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