Let It Rain!

mushroomsI love the changing of the seasons. It’s a time when we’ve lived with a weather pattern for a while and now we’re looking forward to the change ahead. The switch to the next one is exciting. Winter feels like it’s almost here. The days are still sunny, but the chill is striking compared to our balmy weather of two weeks ago. Cold wind, chilly house in the morning, and short and even shorter days.

One highlight of winter is rain. Living in a semi-arid area, and one that has experienced drought the past few years, rain is a welcomed event. My yard and garden are happier for it. It’s also the way things are. Winter means rain, fire in the fireplace, crockpot of chili bubbling all day waiting for us at home.

Fenders went on the bike two weeks ago, so we’re ready for the wet commutes. Got the chicken pen ready so the feed won’t be soaked. Still need to clean the rain gutters, but the leaves haven’t finished dropping yet, so that will have to wait. I hope that I can get into the garden, pull the remaining summer vegetables out and plant the next wave before things get too wet. If not, we do live in San Luis Obispo, so I’ll have plenty of opportunity over the coming weeks.

One winter highlight for me is mushrooms, and in partucular, Chanterelles! In the oak covered hillsides within walking distance  of the house are many duff covered hide-aways under the oak trees with these little beauties waiting to be harvested. A few weeks ago I saw some in the local market, though from Oregon. It’s a sure sign of things to come. Another sign is the white caps popping up in the yard. We’ve had one big storm which was enough to get those going, but there needs to be a few more good storms to keep the ground wet for the chanterelles to pop up. Looking forwrd to the rainy season.

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