Wait! I Just Went To Sleep! Or Cough Cubed…

Ruff night. Double!

Both Liz and I are infected with some noxious germ or virus. Being teachers and having frequent exposure to kids and every imaginable kind of germ, we both have very strong immune systems, but we’re right in the middle of whatever variant is going around now.

Lots of coughing in the night. Picture this- you just start to lose consciousness, gonna drift into sweet sleep, and then a cough racks you for a few seconds, or worse, your partner’s cough snaps you to attention. That’s what it was like last night. Cough Cubed? My cough, Liz’s cough, both our coughs. No matter cause the end result is the same, not much sleep. Morning arrives early when sleep is hard to come by. We’ll be done with this shortly and illness free for the remainder of the school year, but man does it ever feel awful now!

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