J. O. B. vs Profession

Jobs are awful. Dead end, slogging through it and always looking or wishing for something else. I worked a job for 17 years once. Started as a box boy for Lucky Markets as a high school senior. It was a great job for me then, decent pay, not too hard, learned to deal with people, but ultimately, not for me. I needed a good friend and about 10 years to realize that there was no future there. Took several more years for me to work my way out; three years of community college and three more at Cal-Poly SLO.

Professions are something altogether different. This morning I’m thinking about the difference between the two because I have a cold. With my “job” I’d have stayed home and nursed myself. Okay, maybe I’d have just stayed home. Any excuse, and what I did wasn’t rocket science you know.  With my chosen profession, I’m going in. It’s difficult to have a substitute do what I do well. The students lose learning, and well, I just believe that what I do is important enough for me to be there.

So, I’ve planned lessons that are meaningful, follow what we’ve been doing and don’t tax my vocal cords and lungs too much. Wash hands, plenty of orange juice and don’t forget the smiles and kind words.

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