Life On Buchon Street

In a word.  Good!

Two words. VERY good!

No drama, lots of love and a good amount of peace sprinkled around and on top of it all. Neither Liz nor I like fighting or conflict, so we have managed to deal with issues in a way that feels good to both of us. It’s never perfect, as any couple will attest, and we may misstep occasionally, but we have the decency and sense of selves to step back and make it right with a heart felt, “Oh. I’m sorry!”  This sure is better than anything I’ve experienced before.

That’s us, taken with the Macbook. Fun photo, but what I like most of all is the ease andblog photo comfort there…

2 Responses to “Life On Buchon Street”

  1. Hey, wait a minute. I think I was sick in that picture. So am I relaxed or just out of it?

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