Can You Hear Them?

Can you hear themCan you hear them?

It’s Sunday, and tomorrow 30 students will be expecting me to be prepared to teach. Nothing seems harder to me right now. I’d rather head to the back yard, climb into the hammock and sleep. Did I say I’m sick. Don’t think it’s the DREADED H1N1 Virus. Feels like a cold. One more trip to the immuno-gym.

No excuses though, I’ll correct the papers and notebooks, plan the lessons and be ready to go bright and early. And I’ll even have a smile and kind words for all of them. Even those 4 or 5 who make life crazy in the classroom.

So, the lessons- Sumeria and Mesopotamia. Fascinating stuff. God it would be awful to teach something that isn’t interesting.

Being the first time teaching Sixth Grade, I’m learning the information ahead of the students. Sumerians developed, many of the early advances of civilization:  writing, irrigation, the wheel, a calendar, laws, schools, the plow, early astronomy and mathematics, architecture…

Pretty heady stuff. Now to make it fascinating to my students.

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